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Jim has been a professional medical clown for 16 years, bringing humor and laughter to people in need of joy. Jim works along-side the medical staff to relieve stress, help divert children’s’ focus and reduce fear during medical procedures, as well as interacting with the staff themselves to release tension and encourage breathing and lightness through laughter. Jim has worked as a medical clown in Chicago with the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit and in Poland with Czerwone Noski Klown w Szpitalu in Poland, a partner of Red Noses International.

As a member of RNI’s Emergency Smile program, Jim has been on missions to Kyrgyzstan to bring joy and laughter to children in hospitals and orphanages, and also to Greece, to work with children and families in refugee camps.

He is also a coach and trainer of hospital clowns, and teaches workshops at the International School of Humor in Vienna, Austria.

Jim currently provides personal online visits as Doktor Please/Doktor ProszÄ™, in English and Polish to patients, the elderly, and anyone around the world who is in need of joy. You can follow his work by clicking the social media links below.



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